National Poetry Day 2016


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Hello 3C.

Your job is to write a poem about something you love! It can be wacky, wonderful and weird!

Think about the boneyard rap!

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Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water Jack fell down and drowned, Jill ran home soon after.

After a couple of days Jack’s body started to rot, and the contaminated water killed every one soon after. 🙂

P.S I know I am dark


DINOSARS strong and vast,
Ruled the world during the past.
T-Rex and carnos were the best,
they were the rulers of the west.
Brachiosaurs were the biggest,
and the Raptor was the fittest.
Then one day a meteor came,
and that was the end of the dinosaur’s reign.


I liked this lesson to day because the points are great and I done some good work.

Mr coldwell,please can you put more pictures on the blog.

The bucket. This is my bucket I fill it with sand to make a sandcastle. Sometimes I fill the bucket with water to make a moat to protect the castle I just make a sand path to make a drawbridge. I love my bucket it Carys my toys all my stuff really when I go my bucket in my hand ready for another day!

The big devil has big

Mr coldwell can we do more poems please

Devil he have big teeth with a big fork. He have stroing

Mr Coldwell please can we do some more poetry as Noor and myself enjoyed doing The Boneyard Rap. Ethan.

The bees.

The bees pick neckter from flowers.And they give to the Queen bee to her baby’s there father is so good at working on his Job

The bees

The bees are the best thing ever . They all have a great job on Honey and it’s not so much fun and I don’t know how much I love the new version it’s now a new day.

Flowers smell lovely. They or cUlfull the levs or green.

very very true

The bucket 2
I’m back at the beach with my bucket it fills with anything really really anythiiiiiiing oh its another sandcastle its the exact same shape as mine oh my a fly ill get u into the dungion on the castle i mean sandcastle oh what a nice view oh it’s a bird hi wanna be my friend? why not this is the place where u can swim and play an we will come back another dayyy yeah! Mr.coldwell hope u liked my song well everyone i hoped they liked it as much as i did making it it took a lot of time i might do the bucket 3 some time but when we went on the trip it was relly realy realllllllllllly fun ok ye bye i gonna makethe bucket 3 in 2 weeks so bye

The devil have

The only one

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